Windy season in Punta Chame, Panama

The high pressures of the North Atlantic are the origin of the wind in Panama. From this point, trade winds of the northeast are formed that cross the ocean and reach Punta Chame.
The word Alisios comes from the Latin root Alis which expresses a pleasant character. In honor of its name, trade winds blow regularly and moderately, and are the perfect winds for kitesurfing.
Trade winds circulate between the tropics, from 30º latitude to the Earth's equator. The union area of the trade winds of both hemispheres influences Panama’s climate. The north-south movement of this confluence produces the dry and rainy seasons, the main characteristic of Panamanian climate.

The dry season lasts from mid-December to mid-April. This is the best time to practice kitesurfing in Punta Chame.

Atmospheric Circulation


During the dry season, the weather in Punta Chame is warm. The average temperature is 30°C. The water temperature is between 34°C in December and 27°C in April. 

The days are as long as the nights, it downs at 6:30AM and the sun sets about 6:30PM. Save some energy to ride at sunset, one of the most wonderful experiences you can enjoy in Punta Chame.

The winds blow between 12 and 25 knots. The most used kite sizes are 12 and 9 meters.

The kite spot is located in the protected area known as Chame Bay. A water area protected by the peninsula of Punta Chame where you can ride between islands and sandbars that form flat water pools. Perfect conditions for kitesurfing!

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